Class IX Circular Motion Lesson 5 - The Do Phase

Project Plan – Lesson 5

The Do Phase

(5.1) Project Launch:
Describe how the project will be launched, including how goals, expectation, rules, procedures, assessment, and grading will be presented to the students.
The project will be launched in class ix on keeping on view the concept,“make learning possible with DOING “ .The goal of the project is to inculcate the habit of seeing is believing & learn by doing.The scientific fact is transferred from hand to head.The expected outcome is that the students develop an attitude & interest towards science . Assessment is done on the cumulative basis. Grading is done according to the continuous assessment done.

(5.2) Artifacts:
List artifacts that will be created during the project
1) A starter kickoff session by a simple demonstration in class on centripetal force.
2) Planning the project by discussion on various life situations and arrival at task.
3) Team role selection and assignment to leaders.
4) Description log to be maintained.
5) Status meeting agenda preparation.
6) PPT presentation of project.

(5.3) Culminating product:
Describe what culminating product or products are expected to be created during the project and how they will be presented.
*Understanding the concept of ‘centripetal force’
* Applying it in life situations
*Researching how it works on curved roads  and why such Roads are banked?
A cumulative flow diagram can be used to study the progress.

(5.4) Celebrating completion:
Describe how the students will celebrate when the project is completed.
On completing the project the team leaders present their works in school assembly . They try to include more friends by adding them in the blog.



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