What is Project- Based Learning? 
• Project-based learning is a student-centered, instructional model aligned with curriculum.
• Content area knowledge and skills are developed through an extended task that promotes student inquiry
• Authentic learning is demonstrated through products and performances
• PBL includes varied instructional strategies to engage all students regardless of their learning style
• PBL has students take on roles and they are given tasks that allows them to investigate issues and topics in real-world problems
• PBL addresses real world concerns
• PBL promotes higher-order cognitive skills and problem-solving strategies

Outcome of Project Based Learning 
• Project-based approaches engage students in authentic work and helps develop the real world, 21st- century skills of collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking
• Many of the skills are those desired by today's employer such as:
• the ability to work well with others • make thoughtful decisions
• take initiative
• solve complex problems Project based learning engages students in authentic, real world tasks to enhance learning.

Here are some Videos on PBL

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